#GARMENTS The Margiela Tabi shoe

  • Margiela tabi

Margiela is known for breaking with already established concepts. In this case, makes reference to the Japanese tabi shoe, which dates from the fifteenth century. It is a sandal with a tanga that separates the big toe from the rest. According to Japanese culture, it gives balance and connection with your inner.

It had its first release at the same time as Margiela´s  debut show in 1988, and since then, it hasnt stopped rediting it in a great variety of colors and versions. In this show, the models dipped their soles in red paint, leaving their footsprints on the catwalk as signature of presence from this new model.

Brands such as SOU-SOU, Nike with its Air Rift, or Vetements, have released their own versions.

There is an account obsessed with this shoe that I recommend to take a look @margielatab1

Written by Adrián Lorca