• sorrenti family story legacy

One of the most iconic family names inside the fashion world has to be Sorrenti. Brothers Mario, Vanina and Davide, are the children of the photographer and stylist Francesca Sorrenti.

Born and raised in Naples (Italy), they left for New York City in their teens due to the Davide’s health. He suffered from a disease known as Thalassemia.

Always surrounded by art and freedom within their family, these youngsters explored the concepts of beauty and art from an early age, which then led to interest in photography

In NYC they were able to enrich themselves with new disciplines, such as Graffiti, and acquire the visual rawness of the streets. Davide passed away at the early age of 20, but despite his youth, he had already worked for important magazines and created the aesthetic that we know today as “Heroin Chic”. The cause of his death? His body couldn’t handle the use of drugs mixed with the illness he suffered.

Today, his brothers are two of the most respected photographers in the industry. As a curious fact, Mario had a relationship with the model Kate Moss and has a photo book of her published by the name “KATE”.

Written by Adrián Lorca