#COLLECTIONS Dolce Gabbana SS 03 and AW 03

  • Dolce Gabbana SS 03 AW 03 jacket

Dolce & Gabbana dipped their toes into military and technical wear during 2003, creating two collections heavily inspired by the Bondage and S&M (sadism & masochism) culture that was already a trend in menswear. They further exaggerated the style by infusing military themes.

One of the most interesting pieces are the reconstructed trousers, made from repurposed military surplus and recovered vintage HBT materials (special military fabric).

The most iconic bondage inspired piece is probably the futuristic and iconic bondage biker jacket from AW 03 collection. This piece is overflowing with the details and features many straps and buckles, as well as PVC platings on back and elbows. These, along with the nylon body and binds, give the jacket a sense of depth thanks to the various textures presented.

Latelly, there has been an increasing public interest in this collection because of the techwear/tactical trend.

Some of the pictures are from Arbitrage Nyc

Written by @victorespadas