#STYLINGONFILMS Interiorism and Style in “The Doom Generation”

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This is an independent film by Gregg Araki, in which three characters are involved in a road trip full of sex and violence. The movie is pure adrenaline, short and intense. And if these ingredients were not enough, the art direction and styling are insane.

The actress Rose McGowan, plays the character of a shameless girl who is not scared of anything and can´t stop smoking cigarettes. She is the leader of this trio and her looks are wonderful, with an Uma Thurman looklike haircut in Kill Bill, Dr. Martens military boots and tight dresses. At the top she wears oversized garments, like an old biker jacket or a transparent parka that simulates the one Christian Bale wears in “American Psycho”. Another element that cannot be missing in her looks, are the sunglasses which alternate between very masculine black ones and whites with a cat-eye cut.

The looks of the other two main characters, cover two different stereotypes, with some points in common such as rock group T-shirts. On one hand, we have the actor James Duval, who plays a teenage character with a grunge aesthetic, like flannel shirts, ripped jeans and rugby striped T-shirts. On the other hand, the actor Johnathon Schaech, plays a guy who shows indifference to everything in life and who is not afraid of killing; his looks are scruffy, with cowboy touches like buckle belts and boots; added to tacky glitter shirts that emulate a “Las Vegas” gumbler dude.

The art direction of this movie is crazy with really psychedelic locations. We have the checkered room with all its elements in chess print also. The same happens for a full red room and a bar all covered in aluminum paper. But the King of this movie is the car which they use the whole movie and whose dashboard is full of annoying paraphernalia such a small crocodile head.

Written by Adrián Lorca