#GRAPHICSON The designs from Outsiders Division, Sisyphe & Jon Kemuri


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This brand, based in Barcelona, is made up by three creative artists; David Méndez Alonso, Alejandro Gafilla and Alberto Perancho. They all come from different artistic disciplines such as fine arts, graphic design or graffiti; a perfect mixture of ingredients for their creations.

The atmosphere around this brand is colorful, funny and naïve. By wearing these clothes, it is easy to experience sudden changes of mood or identify oneself with that inner child that we all have inside.

Outsiders Division has its own identity. It does not follow any trend. It has its own sphere, and its graphic designs and cuttings are simply wonderful. All the potential of this brand has already been recognized, been awarded twice by Mercedes Benz Talent.


  • sisyphe independent fashion streetwear brands graphic design

Brand based in Madrid, but with bloodline from Málaga. The culprit of its birth, the creative artist Pablo López Torres, works as an stylist and as a freelance art director at the same time he hosts a Youtube channel – “Elpodcastdemoda” – together with Adrián Lorca.

Sisyphe enjoys charisma and authenticity through all its pores. By mixing the fashion world and the streetwear, it gets a totally global aesthetic, but using a narrative and codes which are purely and genuinely Spanish.

A brand inspired in the books by Albert Camus, in the films by Takeshi Kitano or the “femme fatalle” figure. Sisyphe is a genderless brand. All its garments can be interchangeably used by men and women. This is not because its style is unisex, but because all the main characters in which their styles are based in belong to both worlds. This is, hands down, one of the strongest point of this brand: its capacity to embody film and literary characters through their garments.


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“Jon” is a name which his creator has always liked; “Kemuri”, on the other side, stands for smoke in Japanese. From a small town in Asturias -Langreo- with all the merit which has creating a brand from somewhere with more limitations than any other big city, is how Oliver Iglesias gives birth to his own brand.

Jon Kemuri is a streetwear brand, with a superb taste for the graphic design and a totally international vision and aesthetic. In fact, it would be quite difficult to know which his origins were should we not have known anything about it before.

Its influences are skate, punk and the subcultures which flourish all over the world. Each collection tells a different story and it does it with the same power and attitude as international brands as Supreme or Stussy, using graphics which have very little to envy. 

Escrito por Adrián Lorca