#DESIGNERBIO The world of Asspizza

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Everybody knows him as @asspizza, but his real name is Austin Babbitt. He is a new york kid that got viral many times. He started trashing clothes from Carhartt or Supreme with his own drawings and doing crazy reworked stuff.

Early got noticed by many music artists that wanted to wear his creations. Good examples could be Kanye West, Ty Dolla Sign or Wiz Khalifa.

In fact, for a “Pop Up” that Kanye West organized for the “The Life of Pablo” merch; Asspizza started selling his own merch desings in front of the door. Kanye liked this a lot and made him in charge of all the tour merch since that day; and he was only 17 years old! It’s crazy.

He also has created a clothing line with Spaghetti boys collective that is pretty insane. We will cover it in future articles.

In this documentary, you can get closer to his vision and lifestyle. At first sight, a common person would think that he is just a dumb dude talking about stupid shit, but trust me, he really knows what he is doing, and is living his life on his own way.

He talks about doing what you love no matter what, about working hard for what matters, and not wasting your time and money in drugs or buying stupid expensive things that are not going to bring you happiness.

Definitely, I love him and you can learn a lot from his life philosophy just been a kid.

Written by Adrián Lorca